Thursday, April 6, 2017

April 2017 Meeting

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of spring.  I know I love looking out the windows at all of the blossoming trees.  Birds are returning to my feeders and squirrels are finding inventive ways to get to those feeders too!

I wanted to put out a reminder to everyone that next week's meeting (April 12, doors open 6:30, meeting starts at 7) will be held at our new location, the Eugene Garden Club (1645 High St.).  Remember High Street is one way, so the easiest way is to come from 18th, the Garden Club will be halfway between 17th and 16th on the RIGHT (EAST) side of the street.
There is some street parking but we are also allowed to park across the street in the parking lot for Jennings.  There are just a few spots directly in back of the Garden Club but please leave these open for those in the group who have difficulty walking.  We want to be sure everyone has the best experience and accessibility possible.

I was able to check out the space on Tuesday and pick up the keys and I am very excited about this new endeavor.  There is more than enough space for our guild to grow and offers a larger area to move around during the break.  It might also give us an opportunity to hang quilts for meetings and a large space for Bee blocks.

This is the area our meetings will be held in.  Lots of room and chairs for everyone.  A stage for those who like to draw a little more attention and cushions for the chairs :).

The other side of the meeting area.

Sitting area and adjacent room.  A nice place to sit and talk before the meetings start or during the break.

There is also a kitchen and large work room, if we might ever need these.

I hope you are all as excited as the board is to be trying something new out.  Please let us know what you think after the meeting.

I also wanted to remind everyone not to forget your dollars for our raffle, some great prizes have been donated to the raffle bag, so who knows what you might win.  I put a picture below of the added items.  I know I am excited to try my luck, although I could buy 50 tickets and still wouldn't be picked.

Again, I hope everyone is well and we can't wait to see you all in our new guild home.

Happy Stitching,


Monday, March 27, 2017

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

March 2017 Meeting Minutes

There were 17 members in attendance, plus one new member that signed up!

Adam Rateliff provided a financial update of the guild (not included in these minutes as this is public and the financial information is for the guild only, please contact a member of the board if you were not at the meeting and would like more details).

A handout was emailed to the paid members regarding where to find information on the guild.  This information can be found at Where Do I Find Information about EMQG?.

Pat Johnston discussed the table sale we will be having to raise funds for the guild.  The sale will be on June 11th at Our Sewing Room in Springfield. Anyone is allowed to rent a table to sell their stuff, and the Guild will have a table to sell donated items.  Any money raised at the Guild's table will be donated to the Guild.  The rental for OSR is $75 for the day and we will spend approximately $25 on advertising in the newspaper.  Any funds raised of this $100 will go to the Guild bank account.  A sign-up was passed around for volunteers to help with the table sale. For more information, please contact Pat directly.

The meet-up with Corvallis is tentatively scheduled for June 24th.  We are waiting confirmation from the Corvallis Guild's president.  We have suggested a swap with mini quilts this year.

The group for the Charity quilt group met on break to discuss the charity quilt.  

Reminder that membership dues are needed ASAP if you have not paid yet.  

A vote was taken during the meeting regarding the new meeting place (Eugene Garden Club) and it was unanimously approved to move effective April 2017.  The motion was made by Missy Downey and a second was made by Nelda Copsey.

A discussion took place regarding the funds to pay for the Eugene Garden Club based on our current financial situation.  A motion was made by Nela Barrow to use the current funds in the bank account to pay for the rest of this year and the motion was seconded by Missy Downey.  15 attending members approved the motion while two members abstained from the vote.

A drawing was done for the Name Badge and Gail Benton won!

Mindy Reeves shared a handout regarding copyrights and quilt patterns from a lecture she attended in Houston.  Additional handouts are available if you did not get one. Please contact Mindy for additional information.

Bee blocks were turned in and handed out - they are so much fun!

The swap for March was a needle holder.  There were several awesome projects!  Next month's swap is "upscale".  Dig deep into your sewing room and see if you can make something new from something old!

A volunteer was requested for the 2017 retreat and Kim Olsen volunteered.  Pat also mentioned we may look into a mini retreat (two or three days, but at a close location so members would go home at night).  Volunteers will be needed for that if it is decided to proceed.

Starting with the March meeting, raffle tickets will be sold for goodies from Modern Quilt Guild.  Susan Creed won twice!  Congrats, Susan!

Show and Tell was awesome as always!  Here are a few pictures of our amazing work!

Where Do I Find Information about EMQG?

Eugene Modern Quilt Guild
Where do I find information?

“The Blog” / Our Website
“The blog” is the EMQG public-facing website.  Information posted on here can be accessed by anyone and consists of information about our meetings and us as a guild.   If you were to Google EMQG, this is the site that will show first in the results.
Going forward, this will be our main source of communication.  To ensure you get notifications when a new post is made, follow these steps:
1.       Open the website.
2.       On the right-hand side, locate “Follow by Email”. 
3.       To get notifications for new posts, confirm “Posts” is selected.  To get notifications of all comments made on the posts, confirm “All Comments” is selected.
4.       Enter your email address in the box.
5.       Click Submit.
6.       Complete the submission request confirmation pop up box.
7.       In your email confirmation, confirm the subscription request. ** This may be in your Spam or Junk folder. **

The Modern Quilt Guild Website
The Modern Quilt Guild website is an international website that all members of the MQG have access to.  The information on this site is not truly public as the blog above is, but it is public to all other MQG members throughout the world.  There is a Eugene community group that you can subscribe to (to receive emails any time there is a post made there).
To join the Eugene group:
1.       Across the top, select Community > Groups.
2.       Enter “Eugene” in the “Limit to” box.
3.       Click Join Group (orange button).
4.       Click Join.
To subscribe to the MQG emails:
1.       Click Settings (top right-hand corner).
2.       If not highlighted by default, click “Notification settings”.
3.       Select how often you would like to receive emails.
4.       Check “Send email notifications by default”.
5.       If not highlighted by default, click “Groups you follow”.
6.       Check “Send email?”

We are currently working to gain access to the Facebook page.  The admin that created the site is longer a guild or Facebook member so we have run into some difficulties.  This page has not been used since June.  This page is accessible by all members of the Facebook public.
The Instagram account is used to post pictures from the meetings.  If you post pictures from the meeting, please tag us!  Or you can use the hashtag #EMQG for any guild-related pictures or projects you’re working on!  All pictures and hashtags linking to the EMQG are public.
The Flickr account was used in the past to post pictures from the EMQG meetings and projects.  However, this has not been used in several years so it is not a reliable source of communication.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Beginning April 2017, the EMQG will begin meeting at the Eugene Garden Club at 1645 High St, Eugene, OR.  Please join us at the normal time and date at our new exciting location!

Monday, February 20, 2017

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

The February meeting started at 7 pm and ended about 9 pm.

Our speaker for the evening was guild member, BJ Titus. BJ shared many of her amazing, award-winning quilts!  Thank you for sharing with us, BJ!

Meeting Business:
There were 20 members and 4 guests in attendance.  We had one new member and 7 returning members complete membership forms, bringing our current 2017 membership to 31 paid members.  If you have not renewed your membership yet, please do so in order to continue your Modern Quilt Guild benefits.

Effective March 2017, we will begin implementing the guild policy that allows guests to visit twice without paying.  On the third visit, guests will be expected to pay a $3 fee.

Remember to wear your name badges! This month, Nelda Copsey and Kathy Alexander won great prizes for remembering theirs!

A drawing was held for all paid members for a great Modern Quilt Guild day planner and our winner was Penny Deggelman!  Hope you enjoy your planner, Penny!

Our President, Linda Delaplain, received a goody bag from the Modern Quilt Guild.  Beginning in March, we will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each for the goodies in the bag.  

The Guild currently had one donation quilt and one being quilted and we need to decide where to donate the quilts.  Several options were suggested.

A committee was formed for the 2018 donation quilt.  The members of the committee will be Missy Downey, Shawna Haynes, Jill McKenney, Kim Olsen, and Nelda Copsey.

A suggestion was presented by the Board to find another meeting place for the guild.  One suggestion given to the Board was Eugene Garden Club (thank you for the idea, Jill!).  This option has been looked into and the location is very nice and would allow for the Guild to grow since we have outgrown the current location.  Some discussion took place regarding the cost and whether we can afford to continue with this option.  Some options presented were increasing yearly membership or pay per visit.  A survey will be sent out to the membership with other options.  Also, some further data will be compiled as to expenses and will be presented at the next meeting.

During the research for a possible new location, it was discovered that the Guild does not have insurance.  One option has been looked into for $278 annually for $1,000,000 in coverage.  Other options will be reviewed for potentially less expensive coverage, but this is a mandatory expense the Guild will need to take on as soon as possible.

Sew Night is currently an event held the Wednesday following the Guild meeting.  Due to low attendance, the recommendation was to cancel Sew Night for the time being.  A motion was made by Missy Downey and seconded by Shawna Haynes.  A vote was held and the motion passed.

The February swap was for something heart-related or red.  The March swap will be a needle book.

The Bee Blocks were returned to Daisy Schrock and Shawna Haynes passed out her Bee Blocks for next month.  Keep an eye out for additional information about Bee Blocks.  

Laura Lowe shared with us some information about Emerald Valley Quilters and their speakers. All EMQG members are welcome to attend EVQ meetings!  Meetings are $3 for guests unless there is a speaker and then the fee is $5.  

Show and Tell was awesome! See below for some pictures of the fun projects our members have been working on!

Martha Johnson from the River Bend NICU attended to share some information about NICU quilts.  Kits will be available so just bring yourself and a sewing machine!  Martha also shared that it is asked that any returned NICU quilts be washed prior to being turned in.

Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, March 8th.  Please remember you name badge!

Monday, February 6, 2017

February Meeting - Membership Forms Due!

Good afternoon, quilters!

We wanted to remind everyone that membership forms and fees were due in January.  If you have not already done so, please come to the February meeting prepared to turn in your form and dues.  Failure to turn in your form will result in you not being able to access all of the cool stuff on the Modern Guild site!  Plus, we will be having some member-only activities coming up in the near future (one in March!) that you won't want to miss out on!  If you would like to have the form emailed to you, please let us know by emailing and we'll get the form to you right away.  We will have copies available at the meeting, too.

See you soon!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January Meeting

Our January meeting is tomorrow, weather dependent. I will get a message out tomorrow after we see what the weather does. Don't forget to bring Adams bee block. The swap is a bowl. The new board members will be doing a showing of their first quilt and most recent with a little information about themselves. Hope you all can make it.

Monday, January 2, 2017

December Holiday Meeting

The December meeting of the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild took place on Dec. 21st (one week later than usual due to inclement weather). President Kelly began it with a holiday surprise: fabric wrapped ornaments.  It was fascinating watching our members choose fabrics and then create patterns on their ornaments. A quick, fun, but sticky, project!

(Note: All photos taken by Daisy who is a none-too-reliable photographer. Sorry for the blurry shots, folks!)

Bee Blocks
Nelda announced that there were still a couple of openings for Bee blocks. Contact her if you are interested.

Kelly collected Bee Blocks for Phylis who could not be at the meeting. Adam distributed his Bee blocks which are due at the January meeting.

Elections, Part 2
Pat Johnston has volunteered to be Vice President/Programs for the Guild next year. The assembled members unanimously voted her into office. She gave a quick overview of some of the programs she’s planning for next year: In January, the new board will present their first quilt, followed by their latest quilt(s). In February, BJ Titus will be our guest speaker. We may have a spring fling road trip to Central Oregon when the weather is nicer so watch this space for more details. Pat will also be asking members of the guild to share their expertise and individual quilt stories.

New Product Description
Nelda shared her discovery of a water-soluble paper for foundation piecing. You can print your pattern on the paper in your printer, sew on the lines, and then wash the foundation away. This product is available at Piece by Piece Fabrics.

Monthly Swap
Daisy and Nelda had a two-person make-up swap of November pillowcases. 

Then others participated in the December exchange of a handmade ornament.

January’s swap will be anything that can hold goodies on your Super Bowl Snack Table, so a fabric bowl, coasters, placemats, a table runner, potholder, etc.  You can choose anyone of these items to make. The fabric does not need to be football-related; your item just needs to help with the treats.

Skill builder Blocks
Janice showed the pillow she made using November’s Economy Square.

The Coburg Quilt Show has been cancelled due to a lack of participation in leadership positions.

Daisy announced that the Oregon-region Studio Art Quilt Associates will be holding a conference at Lane Community College in October 2018. Expect more announcements in a year or so.

Show and Tell

The meeting ended with a of Left-Right Passing. Kelly brought bags of quilting-related goodies for each participant. Before anyone could become attached to their gift, we had to rapidly pass them left or right according to the die roll. Everyone went home with a little something.

Next Meeting: January 11th, 2017!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sit n Stitch, Tuesday, Dec. 27th

Fourth Tuesday Sit n Stitch will meet Dec. 27th, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30(ish), on the mezzanine at Market of Choice, 29th & Willamette. Grab a beverage from the barista and join us with your handwork. No current handwork project? No problem. Come for the conversation.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Holiday Meeting on Wednesday!

Annual holiday meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the McNail-Riley House!
Many of our members may be out of town or have other commitments, but if you're in town and free for the evening, come and join us for show-and-tell, monthly swap, snacks and Kelly's surprise.
Three cheers for Pat Johnston who has volunteered to be Vice-President/Programs next year! We need to formally vote her into office.
Membership dues ($25) for next year are due. We'll have forms at the meeting. 
There are still openings for next year's Bee Blocks. Contact Nelda if you'd like to participate.