Monday, October 13, 2014


Some of you were interested in attending the board meeting. So for those interested here is the info in case you did not receive the email from Jen. If you have

 Wednesday Oct 15th at 530, McNail Riley House. We will meet  the hour before sew night. 

Board-Elect officers and Current Board Officers please attend. 

Agenda? Getting to know your new job! 

Membership welcome for information only, the meeting will be focused on teaching new officers the job they will take in January. 

If you have any questions please email us! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This is a last minute reminder that a meeting will be this Wednesday 10/8 at the McNail Riley house and elections will be held!

To see the list of people running for office please view the recap from last months meeting. :)

See you then!

EMQG Meeting Notes 9/10/2014

EMQG Meeting Notes 9/10/2014

Presenter: Daisy

Minutes: Missy

Photographer: Shawna/Madyson

Board Elections: Jennifer announced that elections would be held in October since we did not have time in the August Meeting to discuss the positions available due to the rain.

This is the current list of nominees for the positions listed: 



GREETER/MASTER OF CEREMONIES: (2 positions) Daisy S. and Phylis P.







Linda D. talked about labels and the need to label your quilt. One method was using freezer paper with muslin ironed to it and after the content of the label was created on the computer, it was printed using a jet ink printer. Another idea is a handwritten label. Someone also mentioned that Spoonflower is a company that will print your label design onto fabric for you. Things to include on the label: name of block and/or pattern, credit if copyrighted; date quilt made; made by (your name); made for (recipient’s name); pieced by and/
or quilted by; type of material/batting.... (These are just ideas and I’m sure there may be other things that you might want to include...)

BEE: Nelda had some pretty blocks turned in to her this month. Love the orange, yellow, gray combo!

Sept: Nela. She distributed charm blocks in Halloween themed fabric. Wants to receive a 16inch block made of 1⁄2 square triangles.

SWAP: Wall hanging. Many wonderful swap items were exchanged, such creativity!

Oct Swap: Mug rug: holiday or fall theme


Northwest Quilting Expo is being held Sept 25-27, 2014 at the Portland Expo. Daisy is going on Thursday and has room in her vehicle for up to 3 others.

Pat and Daisy attended the Quilt, Knit, Stitch in Portland and were very inspired. They talked about an event which included showing of 12” square art pieces. Also mentioned SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates), which Daisy has joined.

Missy suggested an idea of our guild having a retreat. She offered to look into possibly securing a Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday at Our Sewing Room, likely in 2015. Daisy also mentioned that she might know of another venue, which may be low cost and potentially available.

Emerald Valley Quilters Guild is having a quilt show (Quilting in a Material Whirl) at the Lane County Fairgrounds on Oct 4-5, 2014.


Kelly: quilts with tumbler blocks and granny square blocks

Shawna: Tula Pink 100, she won an award at the Coburg Quilt Show, The Sew Together Bag, pattern found on Craftsy

Jill: Very neat “Kool-Aid on Acid” quilt

Jayne: small quilt using her dyed fabrics and use of appliqué

Rachael: a baby quilt and a continuation quilt

Denise N: bargillo quilt tops, wall quilt, turn dash pattern quilt, “modern” lime green which she calls ‘treasure box under the sea’, “practice quilt” in off white where she created sunflower themed quilting.

Linda: blue and orange planets quilt, car theme quilt for her brother’s birthday

Jenny: Michael Miller challenge small quilt, which looks amazing! Bee 2013 finished and shown!

Nela: a Bee quilt with a block surrounded by a spiral rainbow, a ginormous!!! 120’ x 108 Jenny Baker quilt as you go.

Anne: she finished a quilt from the fabrics, which she had won at our dice game awhile back...the ghosts really help make the quilt!

Denise W: Diamond in the rough quilt along

Julie: a table runner in blue, green and yellow, Halloween placemats, Christmas table runner

Janice: A mini quilt

Pat: Shared a wall quilt with a sand dollar attached in the middle...looks like it is floating, a bowl out of dryer lint! (she’s collecting more if anyone has some to give away), and a mini quilt.

SEW-IN: Wednesday Sept 17, 6:308:30pm. McNail Riley house. Free

SEW DAY: Saturday Sept 27 10am-5pm Our Sewing Room. Fee

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lots Of Info!

Hello lovely readers and members of the Eugene Modern Quilt Guild!

We have lots of past and future information for you!

This Wednesday September 10th we have a meeting Social time from 6:30-7
Meeting begins at 7, ends promptly by 8:30 at the McNail-Riley house.

If a tote bag was purchased for you and you haven't picked it up yet please bring your $10 to the meeting. Madyson will be collecting the money. 

If you didn't get the email from Jen (our 2014 president) here it is...

Several of the Board Members are planning to vacate their spots at the end of the term that ends in December. As per our by-laws we planned on having elections in September. However, we don't have enough time to make this happen in September and make sure that the membership has adequate time to think about positions, know what they entail, etc. Plan on learning more about the positions that are open next week, and an election will be held at the October meeting on October 8th.

On October 8th we will have a election ballots for members to fill out, and a regular program. 

If you have any questions about anything please use the box on the upper right hand side of this page or email Jen please. We want there to be as little confusion as possible. 

Now onto past events! 

Our quilt raffle winner!!

 Margaret Stafford, a EMQG members' mother. 

Congratulations Margaret!!


EMQG Meeting notes 8/13/2014

Greeting: Jennifer

Minutes: Missy

Our Annual Picnic held at Friendly Park. It was short and sweet due to the deluge of 
RAIN!!! Rain that we needed in our state of Oregon, but what timing I might say!!! 
Anyway, beautiful swap items, bee blocks and show and tell occurred as we quickly 
wrapped up and ran to our cars with full bellies. Yummy food and drinks were had, 
thanks to everyone for the goodies!


Shawna received some blocks and they looked great!
August Bee: Nelda: disappearing 4 patch


Coburg Quilt Show: our first booth in the community was a good showing. Karen’s 
mother won raffle quilt. Good exposure for our guild...a lot of postcards about the 
EMQG were distributed.

Discussion was held regarding ideas for future donation/raffle quilts. Susan M. has 
volunteered to long arm quilt the next one that is made. :) Thank you Susan!
September (next meeting) is when elections are to be held for the guild positions 
to start in Jan 2015. For all those thinking about running make sure to look at the 
Bylaws for more information about the roles of the positions.

SWAP: Bags, of all shapes designs. Nice variety and such creativity in our group of 


A very quick showing of items this month, as it was POURING down rain at the time. 
Of those that we had a glimpse of, beautiful work! Hopefully pictures were taken so 
we can better see the items. If you feel that you did not get the chance to fully show 
your item, please bring it next meeting so we can all get a closer/better look at your 

Thank you all for all that you do and we will see you this Wednesday!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Tonight is our sew night at McNail Riley house! 6:30-8:30. 

Bring your projects to work on! 

We hope to see you all there! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

August Meeting Reminder

EMQG Meeting Reminder

This month's meeting will NOT be held at our regular meeting location, instead it will be held at Friendly Park!!!

Join us Wednesday, August 13th, for our annual end-of-summer meeting in the park. Meeting starts at 7pm and is a potluck style dinner. Bring a favorite appetizer, main dish, dessert or drink and come hang out. Friends & family members welcome to come!

Date: Wednesday, August 13th

Time: 7 - 8:30pm

Location: Friendly Park
2721 Monroe St. 
Eugene, OR 97401

 Meeting Details:
 We will be doing our normal bee blocks, swap and show & tell. Please bring your July bee blocks! The swap for the month is a handmade gift bag (something to put a small gift in). As always, bring those lovely show & tell items!

See you all Wednesday! 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Modern Quilt Guild PNW Meet-Up 2014: Vancouver, BC

The PNW MQG meet-up will be held in Vancouver, BC this year! For more information visit the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild website.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Meeting Notes & Photos

EMQG Meeting Notes 7/7/14

Greeting:  Phyliss
Minutes:  Missy
Photographer:  Shawna & Madyson


Di Barrong, founder of Bags of Love, spoke about this organization she started to help children in need.  Bags and “butterfly” blankets are made and filled with goodies for children 0-17 yrs old.  She is always looking for volunteers as well as sewers of bags and blankets.  She left flyers of her organization and patterns of the butterfly blanket to share.  
Bags of Love can be contacted:  www.bagsofloveinc.orgoffice:  541 357-4957


Jennifer: Board meeting held 6/30/14.  It was decided that sponsorship is available if:  vendors provide a 10% discount to EMQG members and/or $100 money or material is donated per calendar year.

Shawna:  Received the EMQG postcards in the mail.  They look great!  1,000 count.

Karen: Coburg Quilt Show table…set up is from 7:00 -8:45am, looking for people to help with manning the table during the time of show and tear down.  Also, still asking for items to sell, magazines, fabric, books, etc…

Nelda: Lane County Fair is coming soon!  Still in need of some volunteers to help out pre, during, post fair dates.

Linda: Suggested a picnic for our August meeting.  It was decided by members at this meeting to hold our next guild meeting at Friendly Park.  It will be a potluck, family and friends are invited.  We will not hold any business but enjoy each other’s company, have our Bee blocks, swap items and show and tell!  Make sure to bring a blanket and chair!


Shawna:  Shared that she would like a “scrappy patch”. Please use 1/4" seams and do not trim. 


Itty Bitty Magnets!  Some cute and well made “small”!!! quilted magnets!  : )


Kathy & Nelda: A green and brown quilt she started in Pennsylvania and finished in Oregon!  Also a red, white and blue table topper/wall quilt.

Jennifer:  Low volume collage she hand quilted.

Madyson: Mini quilt she received from an Instagram mini quilt swap. She also finished her large Tula100 leopard print quilt patterned after Tula Pink's city sampler book and hand stitching!  Looks great!

Linda: Kaleidoscope table runner. 

A churn dash table runner.

Kathleen:  Marbled hand dyed fabric blocks, quilted by Susan M.

Denise and Tom:  "Modern” black block detailed with beading on a green background, a green baby quilt, a giant start quilt with apricot colors and another one in green, yellow and stripes they called “Desert sun”.  Very nice quilting detail!

Susan:  A grey, black and yellow quilt in which she used fabric with a drawing that her daughter had done.  She had the fabric printed through Spoonflower.  Another quiltwhich used panels of birds, again wonderful quilting detail.

SEW-IN:  Wednesday July 16th,  6:30-8:30pm.  McNailRiley house.

SEW DAY:  Saturday July 26th,  10:00am – 4:00pm.  Our Sewing Room.

Happy Summer!!!!