Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just one more week, a note about Show and Tell...

Hey all!

I am sitting here thinking about our first meeting (October 13, 6:30 BTW!). Mostly I have been thinking about what quilts I want to bring for show and tell. I think that besides meeting all of you, I am most excited about "meeting" your quilts and projects. I know that many times I get VERY near-sighted about my projects... it is just me and them in my sewing room, staring at each other. Sure, I show them to my kids and my husband and they give me the appropriate amount of "Ohhs and Aahs" but they just don't have the quilt-lust/fabric-lust coursing through their veins that other quilters have. I get a lot of "That is really cute..." Arghhhh! Lately, I have been finishing up a lot of old projects, so I have a lot of things DONE, but my design wall was hanging empty yesterday and it kind of gave me the creeps. I need a new project that I am jazzed about, I need some INSPIRATION. I have been buying WAY too much fabric lately and cutting in to it WAY to little... (enough about my creativity issues already!)

I am looking forward to see what you all are working on, or have finished. I love hearing about why people have made something, or what they have learned about themselves and about quilting along the way. I am just going to keep popping in on the flickr site to see what you all are up to, it will have to do until next Wednesday.

See you soon!


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