Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pouches, not saddle bags.

*Mosaic compiled by verykerryberry* (too cute to not borrow!)

Hello all!

I, and apparently Kesch and Denise, have pouches on the brain (May's swap item.) I was looking at Mike's flickrstream and I think that he is mastering ZIPPERS!! There are some good (and finished) looking pouches on there! If you are in to looking for yourself, you can start at the inspiration festival here and dance on over to one of these tutorials:

If you find a good one post it in the comments and then we can all have a gander!


  1. Here is another one... tutorial that is

  2. This last tutorial looks awesome. I kind of freestyled mine (having never done zippers before). uh oh. No apologies but needless to say, it will go to my daughter until it falls apart and I have to deconstruct and re-construct it again. Note to self, don't try to follow a box-style pouch tutorial from memory and hope it turns into a flat pouch. It just looks weird :D

  3. http://www.twelve22.org/2006/07/zipper_tutorial.html
    Here's another flat pouch style but without the caps on the zipper.