Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great minds at work...

...sort of. : )

Jessica and I had a "planning" meeting this week.  A meeting in which we drank lots of chocolate rose tea (made ourselves quite buzzed from all the caffeine) and came away with more questions than answers! 

Questions like:

What would you all like to do in the future? 

  • Would you like to show quilts at the fair?  At Our Sewing Room?
  • What would you like to see demos about? 
  • Do you have a demo you are dying to share with everyone? 
  • Would you like to meet up with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild for one of their meetings or do a swap with them or with the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild
  • Are Wednesday nights still working for you? 
  • Would you like more structure with bylaws, rotating "officers", etc?

Leave comments below with your answers if you would please, or email Jessica or myself with any questions or comments. 

In the meantime I have been wanting to make us a banner...I am shamlessly stealing the idea from the PMQG because their banner is incredible!

If everyone (who would like to participate) would make one 6-inch block...any block...any colors...and bring it to the JUNE meeting (plenty of time) we can start working on one.  Sound like fun?

Ok, now don't be distracted by all the pretty colors, go back to the questions and give us some answers please ; )



  1. 1. we could show our quilts at both places. It would be cool to see if anyone gets ribbons
    2.sewing curves -circles.
    3.If we carpool I would love to see what the other guilds do
    4.Yes Wed is good for me
    5.I am new so I do not have an answer to that one.

  2. A show at OSR would be nice. Also the annal show that the Pioneer Quilters has is open to anyone. It would be fun to go to a PMQG meeting together to see how they "do" it. Keep it simple...structure is confining in my book.

  3. I like showing at OSR. I noticed latest Pioneer had a sign-up to show quilts next year. (Phyllis had her hidden nine-patch in this year's show.) I signed up. Think it would be fun if other EMQG members showed as well. Would love to check out another guild meeting. Carpooling would be fun. Wednesday's still work for me. Wanda

  4. Oops. Forgot to answer last question. I'm happy to be free of rules, etc. but given that you and Jessica do a majority of the work, I can appreciate you're ready to pass on the responsibilities. Wanda

  5. 1. I like the idea of exhibiting our quilts; however, I am slow to finish projects and might not have anything ready to display.

    2. I enjoy the demos, and like to learn new techniques or even a new quilt block (such as your sew day samplers), or a demo using a template.

    3. I’m still at the bottom end of the learning curve, so I don’t have any techniques to share, yet.

    4. I’m interested in meeting up with another quilt guild if we could carpool. Or attending a quilt show as a group.

    5. Wednesday nights are fine. I do have a scheduling suggestion. Since we now meet on the 3rd WED, how about moving our sew day so that it’s about two weeks away from our meeting date. Now we have two events close together, then almost a month before we meet again.

    6. I don’t see any need for more structure at this time. I’m fine with waiting for Jessica and Denise to get tired of serving as Prez and VP before we change officers. They’re doing a terrific job.

  6. I love how this guild is set up, not political and all that. I really appreciate the leaders doing all the work so well - and I am assuming that they are mature enough to let the rest of the gang know when they need help, want input (like this questionaire), or what to pass the baton (eeek, no time soon, please!)
    Demos on bindings and easy flying geese would be good.
    Wednesday nights still work for me.
    I have no opinion about showing quilts.
    Meeting up w/ othe guilds sounds interesting.