Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year-- New buzz...

Just a little visual for all you that participated last night and then something to ponder on for all you that couldn't be there...

We're making it happen.  Survey's a comin'--  Yay!!

Thanks for all the honesty, enthusiasm and love last night!  If you have an itch to stitch, we are meeting tonight @ Our Sewing Room to get that QuiltCon top done!  (I better get over there right now!)

See you--
Happy New Year!



  1. Great ideas last night. We will divide these jobs up and come up with some out of this world ideas for the year.
    Go team!

  2. Am looking forward to new ideas and projects for the upcoming year. Let's keep it simple. We can also watch what the Modern Quilt Guild itself does as they also progress... With as many members as we are acquiring the work can be spread around. I'm game!