Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Retreat! NO! Forward motion please!

Urban Chickens blocks

Hi all!

Pat has been hard at work.  She has been looking high and low, hither and yon for retreat sites! Can you all, our sweet membership, take a peek at these two sites?


Thank you Pat, for moving us forward on our search process.  Members, let's look and work towards some consensus on a retreat site.  We can discuss it in next week's meeting, March 11.


EDIT-- Link is fixed for Kellogg springs


  1. I have been to Kellogg Springs twice. I'd be up for trying the McKenzie River Resort...Depends on price and food options for me as well as sewing space. How do others feel about it??? I'd like to see some other comments from anyone who's attended either one of these places... ;0)

  2. Correction for Kellogg link: kelloggspingscamp,com

    McKenzie: nice. Prices??

    Kellogg: like going to summer camp as a kid; not comfortable